So what is a “dive”?  Well, it’s usually a bar. And a dive by nature has a code of ethics. Be real.  Talk straight. Respect those our share space with. If you don’t add to the place, leave.  You can’t build a dive.  It builds itself.

You go to a club with an agenda. You go to a dive with a purpose.  That is clearly what the Dive is at DigDat Direct.  It is a place with purpose.  We want one thing. To connect quality products with quality buyers. And we want it to be both beneficial and profitable for you…, and us.  (Truth is important). The reality is that 20+ years in this business has blessed us with a very wide network of both providers and buyers. The pinch comes when we don’t have the time to connect all the deals.  We love you all. Buy me a drink.  We truly do.  But eventually we had to come up with a way to efficiently connect you to each other and do it well.  That is what The Dive is.

If you have something to sell, post it.  If you need to buy something, post it. We have given you the tools. USE THEM!  We will buy you a drink later.  Or a green smoothie if you are that type.  (We love everybody.., really).

Use the links above to enter what you need or what you want. As the requests come in we will create a post that lists the needs of the buyers for the seller and a list of the sellers goods for the buyers. BUT.., we can only build this with your help.   Come on man.., or woman.

And this is YOUR Dive.  Are we missing something?  Tell us. We will build it. We will add it.  Just communicate.  We don’t want to see our clients or vendors miss opportunities.  We will do what you tell us to do…, within reason of course.

SO LETS BUILD THIS THING!  Let’s be part of the next great dive!!!