Specialty list are highly targeted lists compiled by experts in one specific consumer or business segment.  These lists identify very detailed action and interest that can be paired with your offer to create a highly responsive campaign.  We have invested many years and employ hundreds of list compilation specialists to bring you our inventory of specialty lists for your marketing use.

Our providers have been selected based on their knowledge and tenure working in their specific field of information. We also investigate the accuracy of that information, recency of updating and the methodologies they use to build and update their lists.

Lastly we monitor the historical performance of our client campaigns using these lists and retain relationships only with those providers whose lists generated significant results.

The lists below represent only a fraction of what is available through DIGDAT DIRECT.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, just call us and odds are we have one or more available options that match your lists needs exactly.

Our most popular lists include the following:


Adult Dating Site Members

Adult Content Site Members

Adult Product Buyers

Aircraft Owners

Avid Tennis Players

Avid Golfers

Avid Runners

Business Opportunity Seekers

Boat Owners


More Lifestyle Lists

Cigar Smokers Country Club Members Education Seekers Farmers/Ranchers Fishing Fanatics Gamblers Glasses/Contact Wearers “Green” Consumers Hunters Job Seekers Magazine Subscribers Magazine Multi-Mag Subs Motorcycle Owners NASCAR Attendees NASCAR Enthusiasts NASCAR Product Buyers New Homeowners New Movers New Parents New Phone Connects Newly Divorced Newly Engaged Newlyweds Online Dating Members Online Education Shoppers Pilots Prenatal Recent Graduates Recent Retirees RV Owners Smokeless Tobacco Users Smokers Timeshare Owners Travelers – Business Travelers – Cruise Travelers – International Travelers – Vacation Veterans Yacht Owners


Acne Sufferers

Adult Care Nurses


Allergy Sufferers

Back Brace Inquirers

Diabetics (Detailed)

Diet/Weight Loss

Erectile Dysfunction

Group Medical Practices

Hair Loss Sufferers

More Medical Lists

Headache/Migraine Sufferers Health Care Professionals Hearing Aid Users Hospital Groups Hospitals Insomnia Sufferers Male Enhancement Buyers Medicare/Medicaid Mobility Issues Neck Brace Enquirers Obesity/BMI Mail Order Diabetic Supply Buyers Chronic Pain Sufferers Physicians RX/OTC Drug Use Stand Up Bathtub Buyers/Inquirers Smokers


Auto Insurance X-Dates

Auto Insurance Shoppers

Concierge Medical Insurance Applicants

Concierge Medical Insurance Shoppers

Dental Insurance Applicants

Dental Insurance Shoppers

Health Insurance Applicants

Health Insurance Shoppers

Life Insurance Applicants

Life Insurance Shoppers

Long Term Care Insurance Buyers

Medicare/Medicaid Recipients

Motorcycle Owners

Medicare Supplement Buyers


Acne Cream Buyers

Active Online Buyers

Adult Product Buyers

Appetite/Diet Supplement  Buyers

Anti-Aging Product Buyers

Auto Parts Buyers

Biz-Op Buyers

Book Buyers

Card on File Buyers

Collectible Buyers

More Behavioral Lists

Concert Ticket Buyers Continuity Club Buyers Diet/Weight Loss Product Buyers Discount Shopping Club Members Electronic Cigarette Buyers Exercise Equipment Buyers Fitness Product Buyers Food & Wine Cookbook Buyers Glasses/Contact Lens Buyers Gourmet Food Buyers Hispanic Infomercial Buyers Infomercial Buyers Joint Pain Supplement Buyers Late Night Infomercial Buyers Lottery/Sweepstakes Buyers Luxury Goods Buyers Magazine Subscribers – Paid Male Enhancement Product Buyers Military Collectibles Buyers Multi-Mag Buyers Office Equipment Buyers Online Auto Shoppers Online Technology buyers Online Travel Buyers Order Confirmation Leads QVC Buyers Pain Relief Rub Buyers Pain Suppression Supplement Buyers Skin Care Product Buyers Spanish Speaking Infomercial Buyers Teeth Whitening Buyers Wine Buyers Wrinkle Care Product Buyers


Affluent Seniors

Donors – Animal

Donors – Educational

Donors – Environmental

Donors – Medical

Donors – Political

Donors – Religious

Investors – Accredited

Investors – Bio-Tech

Investors – Commodities

More Financial Lists

Investors – Foreign Currency Investors – General Investors – Gold/Silver Investors – Oil/Energy Investors – Real Estate Investors – Stocks/Bonds Investors – Tax Free Mortgage – Purchase Mortgage – Refinance Mortgage – Reverse Personal Tax Haven Seekers Prescreened Credit Data Student Loan Debt



Adult Care Nurses


Business Seekers







More Business/Execs Lists

COOs CTOs Dentists Engineers Entrepreneurs Farmers/Ranchers Government Employees Group Medical Practice Human Resources Executives Import/Export International Businesses IRS Tax Professionals New Businesses New Executives Nurse Practitioners Nurses Physicians Pilots Political/Non-Profit Politicians Psychiatrists Psychologists Social Workers Substance Abuse Counselors Teachers


Bank Card Turndowns


Credit Card Turndowns

Credit Repair

Credit Seekers

Debt Relief Seekers



Payday Loan Applicants

Secured Credit Cards

More Subprime Lists

Student Loan Debt Relief Subprime Auto Loans Subprime Mortgage Seekers Subprime Mortgage Holders Tax Debt Help Tax Liens Welfare Recipients



$100K+ Donors

Active Independent Voters

African American Democratic Donors/Voters

African American Republican Donors/Voters

African American Defenders of the Democratic Party

Alliance to Restore the American Standard of Living

American Life League Donors

More Political Lists

American Suffrage Donors/Voters Anti-Clinton Conservative Supporters Baby Boomer Republicans Border Control Tea Party Members Catholic Conservatives Center for the American Taxpayer Chris Christie Supporters Citizens to Defeat Hillary Clinton Civil Liberties Protection Donors Conservative Republicans Crusade Donors Democratic Activists/Donors/Voters Donors to Defeat Obama Donors to Television Evangelists Evangelical Pro Life Donors Fiscal Fair Tax Conservative Donors Green Party Donors Health Care Reform Advocates Hillary Clinton Supporters Hispanic Voters By Party Immigration Reform Advocates Independent Donors/Voters Jewish Donors By Party Lean And Green Environmentalists LGBT Activists/Donors/Voters Libertarian Donors/Voters Marijuana Paraphernalia Buyers Pro Choice Donors Pro Life Donors Republican Donors/Voters Republicans for American Sovereignty Rich Political Donors by Party Tax Reform Advocates/Donors Tea Party Donors/Voters Trent Lott Members TURN (The Utility Reform Network) Young Republicans


Aircraft Owners

Auto Insurance Expirations

Auto Insurance Shoppers

Auto Loan Applicants

Auto Parts Buyers

Auto Warranty Seekers

Boat Owners

Commercial Vehicle Owners

Exotic Vehicle Owners

Luxury Vehicle Owners

More Automotive Lists

Motorcycle Owners Online Auto Shoppers OTP Truck Drivers RV Owners VIN Number Auto Database Yacht Owners

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