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We believe that acquiring the leads that you need to complete your marketing campaign objectives should be simple, painless, and efficient.   With those priorities in mind we offer you choice.  If you prefer to do the work of running your own queries and placing your own lead orders,  we will certainly oblige you that chore and set you up with 24 hour access to run counts and place lead orders to your hearts content, or at least to the maximum allowed based on your lead plan purchase.

However, if you prefer to let us do all that tedious work for you and just tell us what yo want to order after reviewing the reports we provide you based on your requests, well then by all means we are here to serve.

There is no limit to the amount of queries and reports you can request. We want you to be empowered with as much information as you need to make sure you always get the most targeted list of leads for each and every campaign.

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