Hotlines are the ultimate bulls-eye of mailing lists. By being able to target likely customers according to specific events in a consumer’s life, you can drastically increase the likelihood of acquisition.  These events can be major life changes such as a new child, marriage or home purchase. They can also be more subtle such as the expiration of an insurance policy or a job change.  Regardless of the magnitude of the event, it is likely to create consumer purchasing behavior.

And if you pair the right product messaging with that event, you win.

We have worked exhaustively testing and contracting numerous sources for the most updated, frequent, and accurate hotlines so that our customers continue to maximize this bulls-eye opportunity to generate revenue and acquire new customers.

Our most popular hotlines include:




Auto insurance expiration

Bankruptcy filings

Judgment filings

Lien filings

New businesses

New mortgage

New movers

New timeshare purchase

New vehicle registration

Out of business

Recent graduates

….and more.


Expecting Parents/Prenatal

New Parents

Newly Engaged


Newly Divorced

New Homeowners

New Job/Career

Recently Retired

Newly Licensed Pilot

New To US

New Expats

Newly Debt Free (Post BK)

New Toys (Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Plane, Etc.


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