You want your marketing message to reach your intended best prospects, right? So, imagine connecting 1-to-1 with your online audience directly just like you would offline through direct mail or outbound telemarketing..

We can get your message in front of every targeted prospect in every household or business every time they browse online.

This reliable precision gives you the power to consistently send high targeted offers only to your ideal prospects while respecting their personal privacy.

ADVOLUTION is a departure from tradition ad serving methodology.  While typical online advertisement serving campaigns net an ideal prospect serving rate of 1 in 500 to 1 in 3,000, ADVOLUTION delivers a 1 to 1 ad-to-ideal prospect ratio.   This means that every time you serve an ad online it is being seen by your customers or targeted ideal prospects.  Gone are the days of tenth of a percentage point click through rates being considered as successful investment.

AdVolution brings you higher conversions by focusing only on your best customers

Our ADVOLUTION platform can deliver your ad to every matched prospect from your customer or prospect list as they browse any one of millions of websites.  We map each targeted prospect to our collection of over 1 Billion IP (web entry points) matched to over 300 million physical locations. Your ads go wherever your prospects are. You connect with every target every time. So you can deliver highly relevant messaging that leads to higher conversions.

The process is simple to begin leveraging the power of ADVOLUTION.  Our system requires only consumer or business name and address.  After matching and appending IPs to all submitted prospects, we will load the IPs into our Ad serving engine and then conduct ad buys based on your selected markets through Appnexus, one of the premiere marketplaces for internet advertising.  You determine how many ads you want served per prospect and the system does the rest.

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