Vmail Direct Messaging

Vmail Direct is a business to consumer message delivery system.  Vmail Direct delivers your message directly to residential, business, and cell phone voice mail boxes.

Vmail Direct will deliver a recorded message straight to a prospect’s voice mail without ringing the phone.  Vmail Direct is an ideal and non-intrusive marketing and prospecting tool.  And your message is being delivered to a medium that offers an almost 100% listen rate that is unmatched by any other media format.

Why Choose Vmail Direct?

Instead of spending considerable time dialing existing or potential customers to only get a small percentage of them on the actual line to listen to your offer, why not get your message to every one of those you want to reach.  In addition, a live sales rep can only make 50-70 contacts per day.  Vmail can leave tens of thousands of voice messages.

Set your team free from the drudgery of outbound telemarketing and the constant rejection of people who don’t want to allow you to share your message.  Instead, focus your team on taking inbound calls who have heard your message and want to act.

Vmail Direct empowers your sales  and call teams to focus on what your company does best.

Let Vmail Direct handle tasks such as:

  • Sale and Special offer announcements
  • Cold Calling to acquire new customers
  • Customer satisfaction follow up
  • Messages from VIPs such as the company President or a celebrity
  • Product updates
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Calls to action
  • Event announcements

The reality is that consumers rarely answer their home phones and consider live calls on their cell phones to be an intrusion.  BUT they listen to ALL of their voice mails.  Vmail Direct is your solution to make sure your prospects and/or customers hear what you have to say while leaving your agents free to manage their responsive actions.

Advantages of Vmail Direct over outbound dialing include:

  • Auto-dialers used to dial a phone and solicit a prospect are illegal.  Vmail Direct is legal, compliant, and non-intrusive.
  • With Vmail Direct, the prospect does not know that you are using an automated delivery system.
  • Vmail Direct delivers you best pitch on your best day to every prospect
  • Clients and potential clients will appreciate the personal touch of a voice mail message
  • Vmail Direct allows you to leave large volumes of your message
  • Voice mails are received and listened to by consumers at almost 100%.
  • Vmail Direct is much more cost effective than auto-dailer or manual staff dialing.
  • Vmail Direct gets your campaign to market fest because there is no staff training or development.  Just a massage to record.

Setting up a campaign with Vmail Direct is as easy as recording a message or setting up your voice mail.  You simply dial in and record your message or upload an .wav file recording that you would like it to deliver.  Then load your customer or prospect phones numbers and launch your campaign.

Don’t have a list to market to or need voice talent for your recording.  No problem. We will assist you in acquiring a makreting list and provide you with professional voice talent for your campaign.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get started with Vmail Direct.  800-279-7765




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