Whether you are looking for debt settlement, debt consolidation, credit counseling or other consumer debt leads. the following lead solutions will generate success.  We have worked extensively in the debt space for many years and consider it to be an industry of expertise for our teams.  This challenging and highly competitive industry vertical has been hammered by legislation, saturated by competition, and is highly challenging to successfully engage.  If you are one of those companies who is beating the odds and excelling in this tough market, we want to work with you  (Yes, that is stating the obvious) because we too have succeeded in the debt space and continue to succeed delivering valuable and productive lead solutions to your industry.  See below for our primary lead offerings for your industry.


Live Transfer Leads Call center live transfer Debt Leads are the ideal fit for companies who lack a large outbound dialing center, do not have the ability to make volume outbound calls, or just don’t want to manage the process.  Our call center expert outbound network represents collectively thousands of experienced agents who are highly proficient at interviewing and qualifying consumers for Debt campaigns.  They will transfer the consumer to you only after they have verified that the prospect meets your lead criteria and has stated specific interest in your debt product/service.   This means that your agents spend their time only talking to consumers who understand your product and want to take advantage of the debt solutions you offer.  Not only does your efficiency improve but your agents stay highly motivated as their commission grow and their quotas are met.

Real Time Telephone Verified  Leads  Real time Debt Leads are very similar to a live transfer lead with the exception being that the customer is not transferred you at the time of the initial phone interview by our agents.  Instead they are asked for the best time to be reached for a call back by one of your debt representatives.   The benefit of Real Time Verified Debt Leads is three-fold. First, the lead is less expensive, lowering your budget costs. Also, your agents have the luxury of calling the prospect back at the time they prefer to speak about your product/service. Lastly, when consumers state what time they want to receive a call from one of your agents, they are more likely to listen to what you have to offer.  Real Time Tele-verified Debt Leads can be delivered immediately upon completion of the interview or in a daily batch file.  Leads can also be delivered via FTP, email, or posted directly to your CRM.

Internet Leads Internet Debt Leads are generated through multiple online advertising media including email, banners, keyword search, paid placement, and pay-per-click. They are ideal for companies looking for a constant and significant lead volume to feed their debt agents.  All internet Debt Leads provide multiple contact points including phone, email, and often cell phone.  Leads can be generic or branded to your company name and are delivered to your company in real time. Leads will be delivered via email, batch, API, or posted directly to your company CRM.  We employ a large network of internet advertisers and can accommodate almost any combination of volume and lead criteria.

Direct To Voice Mail Leads –Direct to Voice mail Debt Leads are an exciting product for us.  They are completely compliant while being non-intrusive and highly responsive as we do not “ring” the phone. The reality is that everybody listens to their voice mails.  Our ability to deliver your tailored debt message directly to consumers’ voice mail service on both land line and cell phones means that virtually every prospect will hear receive your debt help offer.   The typical ROI in Direct To Voice Mail campaigns rivals virtually any other medium.   This is a powerful option to add to your arsenal of marketing methods. Contact us today to hear more.

TV/Radio Inbound Leads – Inbound Debt Help calls from Radio and TV are always in high demand. We have a network of advertisers and can provide either generic or company branded inbound Debt Help calls directly to you. TV and Radio offer you the ability to acquire prospects based on their self-initiated action to learn more about what you offer.  Our advertising network is highly adept at crafting responsive media that is specific to the type of customers you are looking to acquire.  And volume is significant.  You can choose to fund a branded and dedicated campaign produced just for your company or you can receive volumes of calls from a company generic campaign.  The minimum investment in a dedicated campaign is $15,000.00 or you can commit to a volume of inbound calls starting as low as $4,000.00.

Avatar Leads – Avatar Debt Leads are among the most cost effective debt leads available.  Avatar is an outbound telemarketing system that takes advantage of both automated and live agent capabilities.   Our expert call center agents are pre-recorded to include the entire script as well as all rebuttals, interjections, comments etc. that may be part of a lead questioning process.  The Avatar system then dials out to prospects and initiates an automated call to the consumer.  The live agent monitors the entire call and interjects if necessary. The result is that every call is our best agent on his best day giving his best interview.  In addition, each agent can monitor more than one call simultaneously which reduces lead generation costs and ultimately your lead cost.  Avatar debt campaigns are designed on a cost per hour or cost per call basis to best fit your budgeting and volume needs.

Co-Registration Leads – Co-registration Debt Leads are essentially what we call piggyback leads.  The initial contact with the consumer is generated for one or more other offers  and then an additional offer of debt help services is made.  Because other companies are funding the initial offers, the cost of generating the debt leads is substantially lower and that savings is passed along to your company.  Your debt help offer may be added at the end of the other offer(s) via  a pop-up, as part of the “Thank You” page, as an exclusive additional offering,  or in line with the description of the initial offer depending on the structure of the website or landing pages.

Advolution Leads – Debt Help leads generated via Advolution offers you a very unique and effective option to reach pre-qualified debt help prospects in an entirely non-intrusive manner that requires no consumer action.   By submitting a list of qualified debt help prospects into the Advolution engine, you have now begun a process that will repetitively deliver your message each time the prospect lands on any of millions of high traffic websites.  You can determine the number of repetitive ads served and the duration of the campaign.  The reach is unparalleled and the method is unmatched.  CLICK HERE to learn more about how Advolution can launch your debt campaigns into the stratosphere.

Credit Bureau Leads – Credit Bureau Debt Leads are a highly accurate financially detailed and current source for identifying consumers currently in a distressed or decision making position.  Credit Bureau debt leads come directly from the credit bureaus and are generally used for direct mail and telemarketing purposes.  All telemarketing purchased Debt Leads from the credit bureau must be processed through national and state do not call registries.

Modeled leads – For those companies looking for low cost high volume leads to market, Modeled Debt Leads are often a prime choice.  DigDat Direct has developed statistical models developed from large repositories of actual consumer submitted debt leads, enhanced with over 362 demographic and psycho-graphic elements in order to provide customers with a low cost solution in the Debt Lead generation field.

Semi-Exclusive Leads Semi-exclusive Debt Leads are best suited for teams of aggressive deal makers who know how to beat out the competition in the pursuit of customer acquisition.  Semi-exclusive debt help leads are delivered in real time to 2-4 lead buyers simultaneously.   For hard selling teams who are at the ready and hungry to acquire customer, semi-exclusive debt help leads are a cost effective solution to add to your debt programs.

Direct Mail Leads – DigDat Direct has been a significant force in direct mail marketing for the debt industry for many years.   While today’s marketing universe offers numerous media and performance based solutions to acquire debt help customers, the reality is that direct mail still reaches a market that is often not responsive to other forms of media.  It is considered non-intrusive and many still enjoy the trips to the mail box every day.  In addition, DigDat Direct’s 18 year history mailing into the debt market means that we are expert at crafting mail pieces and content that get response.   While most companies no longer live and die by direct mail alone, it is still an important part of most successful Debt Lead marketing plans.

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