Card on File leads have among the highest conversion rates of any lead type. The ease of action for the consumer to buy your product or service means more “Yes’s” and less calls per sale.

Here are just some of the products that are highly effective to sell using Card On File leads.

  • Magazines
  • Travel Packages
  • Health and Nutrition  Products
  • Discount Clubs
  • Concierge Dental and Medical Plans
  • Skin Care Products
  • Kitchen Products
  • Exercise Equipment and Programs
  • As Seen On TV products
  • Product and Auto Warranties
  • and more.

The reality is that almost anything will sell when you are using a good script and Card On File leads.  Whether you buy the freshest leads with an order confirmation up-sell script or you market to aged leads using the original product as reference, the ease of purchase creates winning tele-sales programs over and over.

CARD ON FILE LEADS  Def:  A lead that is generated by a recent consumer credit card purchase.  Leads will include the buyer name, the purchased product name, the buyer phone number, the last 4 digits of the buyer credit card number, and the card expiration date.  Optional additional fields may include the postal address, amount of product purchase, email address and addition contact phone numbers.  

Card on file leads become available when a company who is in the business of selling products and services via credit card payment, houses those purchase records with full credit card information at a licensed data escrow company.   Once the purchase records have been validated and cleansed by the data escrow companies, the leads are available for rental.  A lead buyer will submit their script for approval by the escrow and/or list owner.  Once the script is approved, the lead buyer will prepay for a quality of lead for an initial test order.  The minimum order is usually 1,000 – 2,500 leads.  The lead buyer will then market to the purchased leads his/her products or services.  Once he/she has completed all possible sales to the leads, the lead buyer will submit the lead back to the escrow company and the escrow company will append the remainder of the credit card information to the sold leads so that the lead buyer can process the credit card purchases made by his/her new customers.  

Key benefits of card on file leads are

  • ease of purchase for consumer
  • Reference of recent product purchase by name to consumer
  • exclusivity that can be portrayed to the consumer
  • Very high successful charge percentages on sales
  • Ability to utilize a branded order confirmation script for sales process
  • High conversion percentages

ALTERNATE PRODUCT:  Last 4 Purchase Leads


Last 4 CC Purchase Leads are similar to Card On File Leads in that they are leads created by a consumer purchase via credit card.  Also, like Card On File Leads, you have the ability to reference the initial product purchased and in some cases even use an order confirmation script. The primary difference is that Last 4 CC Purchase Leads require no escrow company. The lead buyer will also be responsible for capturing the full credit card information in order to process sales as there is no further information provided by the lead owner. The leads will include the buyer name, the product or type of product purchased, contact telephone number, last 4 of the credit card and the expiration date.  Optional additional fields may include the postal address, amount of product purchase, email address and addition contact phone numbers. 

Last 4 CC Purchase Leads offer many of the same benefits as Card On File Leads. The conversion aren’t quite as high and the hold rate is marginally lower in most cases but the cost per lead is also much lower so the net ROI (return on investment) is often similar and for some selling centers is can even be better.








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