A successful ADVOLUTION online ad campaign requires clear communication as we work together throughout the launch process. To that end, please review the steps of the campaign launch and let us know how we can help. Here’s to a great campaign!

 Deposit Campaign Funds

1. Trendz Marketing delivers the campaign invoice to the Client.
2. Client deposits funds for ad media buy to initiate the campaign.
3. Trendz Marketing transacts ad media buy on behalf of the Client.

Get Banner Ads Ready

1. Trendz Marketing provides ad banner guidelines and quality standards.
2. Client provides ad banner files and the landing page URL.
3. Trendz Marketing uploads banners into the Appnexus ad serving platform and sets up the campaign.
4. Appnexus reviews the banners to ensure they meet minimum guidelines and quality standards.
5. Trendz Marketing conveys the results of the Appnexus review.
6. Client makes any needed changes to banners for re-submission to Appnexus.

Obtain Audience Data

1. Client delivers their audience data file (in .csv or .xls format) or acquires audience file from Trendz Marketing.
2. Trendz Marketing matches the client-provided audience data with our geo-database to build an online targeting segment.
3. Trendz Marketing provides the Client an estimated time frame to build the targeting segment.
4. Trendz Marketing assigns the targeting segment to the campaign in the Appnexus ad serving platform.
5. Trendz Marketing reports to the Client on the number of matches that exist between
their audience data and our geo-database.

Set Up Campaign Tracking

1. Trendz Marketing provides the Client with the campaign tracking code (tracking pixels) to monitor campaign activity and results.
2. Client places the tracking pixels on the landing page (may require Client’s Web
3. Client alerts Trendz Marketing when the tracking pixels are in place.
4. Trendz Marketing tests the tracking pixels to ensure proper placement.

Launch and Track Campaign!

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