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Who is DigDat Direct?

We are a constantly evolving company providing the relevant and productive tools to allow our customers to stay at the front of Marketing  trends. Those trends may be centered in technology, industry, current economic and political events or a variety of additional factors.   We exhaust our assets continually to ensure that our clientele is armed with all the necessary and preferred tools to facilitate continued success.

Like any company we have our core competencies.   They are:


Data is the fuel of all Marketing.  Whether its data to drive delivery, gauge audience, analyze response/traffic, or to enhance and model, data is core to the entire marketing universe.

We are and always have been data junkies at heart.  Beginning in the mid-nineties when we solely fulfilled data needs for direct mailers and telemarketers through our evolution to email marketing, online advertising, modeling, analytics, traffic metrics, and beyond, data is the core driver of all things Marketing.


Fuel needs its engine to convert to power and that is where all our additional core and ancillary offerings come to existence.  Whether your media needs are direct marketing, online advertising, TV and radio or a managed multi-media solution, our team is fluent and productive in managing these channels for your company.


Company size is irrelevant to our team.   All trees begin as a seed and all mega-corporations started as an idea, sweat, risk, and a dream.   We know that if we can nurture our relationship with small companies by leveraging knowledge gained from decades of management of our largest clients, we will be a part of that entrepreneurial dream becoming a reality.  That is a reward all its own.

Larger companies choose us because we are veterans of Marketing through its rapid evolutions.  Our vast resource network allows us to be agnostic when selecting projects to engage.  Our experience marketing to all major industries through direct and digital mediums poises our teams to be able to plan, predict, execute, and analyze with efficiency.  Our use of outside niche service providers within our network offers us additional expertise and mobility.   We believe it takes a village to raise a successful multi-media campaign. Our vendor and partner village is extensive, agile and…, well.., just really darn good.

In summation, we are not all things to all businesses.   But the reality is that with the plethora of media, market, and cost structure options available to businesses wanting to expand their brand or grow their bottom line, you need a provider who is a lot of things to a lot of companies.

You may need a team who has engaged hundreds of vertical service providers selecting only to work with those who are apex in their niche.

You may need the experience of a company who specializes in the heavy task of aligning your objectives with a comprehensive media plan and overseas the seamless execution of that plan.

You may need accountability for success and improvement in all areas whether sourced internally or through third parties.

We believe that if you are like the thousands of companies we have served over two decades, you probably need us.

We invite you to demand our time.  As much time and you wish. Interview us. Interrogate us.  We want you to know that what is stated above is what you will experience at DigDat Direct every day from every member of our team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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